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Postmortem: Shadow Of The Sun

Postmortem: Shadow of the Sun

Shadow of the Sun is a 2D action platformer Team Swordicorn (Melvin Kwan, Charles Park, Nick Marce, and Markus W. Redl) produced from July to October of 2014 as a student project in Vancouver Film School’s Game Design program. We were influenced by games like Mega Man X and wanted to produce something that had a similar feel, while making it our own.

Our core pillar for Shadow of the Sun was fast-paced action platforming. We facilitated this with tight gameplay mechanics. Although initially we also wanted to include stronger narrative elements in Shadow of the Sun, for various reasons, they were cut from the game.

This postmortem is of only my perspective on the project and may conflict with other members’ perspectives. I will not name any person in particular in the postmortem. Please keep in mind that this is only my perspective as one fourth of Team Swordicorn.

Note: This postmortem is not technical. It is about the human dynamics as I experienced them.

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Shadow Of The Sun