RPG Combat Prototype v0.1

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This phrase; One step at a time, really sums up this article but it also pertains nicely to the success Melvin Kwan has had thus far. Enrolling at VFS, Winning at the Entertainment Software Association of Canada’s Student Video Game Competition, invited to E3 and landing a job in the industry as a designer is all because he took that chance, that first step. Here is a peek into the process Melvin uses when developing his own game, enjoy.

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GD40′s 2D Projects

As had the Game Design classes 39s, 38s, 37s, and so forth before them, the GD40s completed their 2D Game Projects with limited development time and teams formed and working together for the very first time. Although I’m sure the fatigue from working so diligently on these projects and course work was weighing on them, the class got up and presented with pride their games before a live studio audience. These are those games.

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Chroma is a single player, 2-D side-scrolling music-driven platform running game, in which the players take control of The Hero in order to help him reaching the end of each level and escape from The Darkest Enemy. Will you be able to escape the menace, just using rhythm and colors?

Developed by Federico Spada, Michael That, Cleber Bispo, and Jeremy Powell.
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Zeta Busters at E3 2015

Never did I imagine when I started the Game Design program at VFS over a year ago that my final project, Zeta Busters, would end up on display at E3 alongside the biggest names in the industry. Of course, our booth wasn’t nearly as big as the heavy hitters, but needless to say I was astounded by the opportunity. To be counted among the likes of EA, Square-Enix, Bethesda, Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony was almost unbelievable.
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