Graduation & Awards for the FIRST Class of Programming for Games, Web, & Mobile

Spring has sprung at VFS! and what better way to recognize Spring than by celebrating the graduation of the first batch of students from VFS’ NEW Program. The FIRST class of Programming for Games, Web, & Mobile graduated on February 26th.

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Too young for VFS?

So many times we have parents asking us about how their teenage kids can develop their skills before they are ready for a program like VFS Game Design or VFS Programming for Games, Web & Mobile. It was always a tough question to answer, as very few communities offered this type of training.

Now there is, one of our instructors, Ivo van der Marel, is also the CTO for Under the GUI. Under the GUI is a computer programming school dedicated to teaching children from 8-16 how to create video games and more. They teach in the evenings and weekends, outside of regular school hours. Their teachers encourage students to expand their limitless creativity through the creation of video games, apps, and traditional software using the same tools used by professionals in the field.

This could be the perfect stepping stone to prepare for a VFS program, giving them a running start on the career of their dreams.

For more information on Under the GUI click here!

Graduation and Awards show for the 37th class of Game Design

It’s Christmastime at VFS, and what better reason to celebrate than Graduation. Our 37th class of Game Design graduated on December 18th.

It all begins with speeches from the Head of the Department, Dave Warfield, the class selected student speaker, Nicholas Romeo, and wrapped up with the student selected Instructor, Andrew Laing. Each of them looked back on the last year, and also looked ahead at the great future these alumni have in the Games Industry. Dave’s Christmas poem is included at the end of this article.

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