Pocket Gamer Connects Vancouver Victoria Day deal!

Pocket Gamer Connects, the leading mobile games show in the western world is bringing its unique combination of inspirational speakers, grade A networking, and a vibrant expo to the gorgeous city of Vancouver this summer and we’d love you to join us!

Queen Victoria didn’t do things by halves. And neither do we. So in honour of Victoria Day this coming Monday we’re reducing all of our core tickets to PG Connects Vancouver conference on June 28-29.

Just don’t hang about, because this unique offer is both a time- and allocation-limited affair (come May 29th – or sooner if we run out – and it’s all over).

As with every PG Connects show, Vancouver will unite a cross-section of the entire mobile games ecosystem – from independent developers through media, tool makers, and monetisation experts up to the triple-A publishers and investors. We’ll look to span the globe too, with delegates from Asia, North America, Europe and the hottest emerging markets, as well as from across Canada.

There’ll be seven conference tracks to explore, covering everything from global publishing trends and how indies can survive and thrive to fund raising, monetisation and acquisition techniques, practical development workshops, and future-gazing. We’ll also cover VR extensively and be adding a dedicated ‘Made in Vancouver’ track to celebrate the creativity and talent in the BC area.

Previous shows have featured the biggest names from the leading publishers, including Supercell, King, Disney, Rovio, DeNA, Kabam, Glu, Seriously, Gree, and Square through to indie legends like Mike Bithell, Vlambeer, Fireproof, Ustwo, Etermax and countless others.

Ultimately, of course, the most value is in getting business done and we have multiple ways to facilitate networking including a free meeting tool for planning in advance, three dedicated pitch sessions (20/20 SpeedMatch for developers looking for publishers, Big Indie Pitch for upcoming devs to meet media, plus a dedicated investor event), a lively expo area, plus after-hours networking events including the legendary PG party.

Benefits for students

  • Learn about the business realities of mobile development and how the industry works
  • Pick up practical techniques and strategies for developing mobile games
  • Chance to get close to industry professionals and meet people who could potentially offer jobs/future partnership opportunities
  • Insight into how the industry works through talks and the report that is published with each ticket
  • Meet the media (lots of journalists in attendance + video interviews on site)
  • Opportunity to potential pitch (Very Big Indie Pitch)
  • Entrance to a high-level event with one very low-priced ticket

Those seven tracks in full

  • Indie Futures – A dedicated track for indie developers and how they can survive and thrive in the modern mobile ecosystem.
  • East Meets West: Global Mobile Gaming – Exploring the hottest regions, biggest trends, and best opportunities for mobile game publishers today including a focus on eSports and the latest from Asia.
  • Future Visions: VR & Beyond – A dedicated track looking at VR (not exclusively mobile) and emerging technologies that will affect the industry.
  • Monetise, Retain, Acquire – The latest tips, trends, and techniques in UA and monetisation.
  • Mobile Games University – A dedicated track full of practical tips and workshops on everything from creating great ideas to running liveops.
  • Show Me the Money – Exploring the different sources and approaches of raising funds, from angels and publisher partnerships to government funding and VCs.
  • Made in Vancouver – A dedicated track celebrating the best of Vancouver and British Columbia.

Networking & other key features

  • Pitch & Match – Free business matching meeting system for all attendees.
  • PGC App – Free app to get updates and connect with other delegates on the fly.
  • Big Indie Pitch – Indie developers pitch media and selected experts for prizes and feedback on their upcoming games.
  • 20/20 SpeedMatch – 20 publishers, 20 developers, 2 hours, 1 room. 20 Guaranteed meetings for all selected participants.
  • Expo Area – Discover games, technologies, services and more.
  • I Love Indie Showcase – Up-and-coming indies show off their games in the dedicated expo area.
  • PG Party – Let your hair down, get your dancing shoes on, and your business cards out in our relaxed, always-popular after-hours event.

Initial Speakers include:

  • Ville Heijari – CMO Rovio
  • Phil Hickey – Seriously
  • Chris Akhavan – Glu
  • Peter Qumsieh – Bandai Namco Studios
  • Kent Wakeford – Kabam
  • David Phan – Relic Entertainment / Sega
  • Nicholas Pezarro – Pocket Gems
  • Jikhan Jung – Colopl
  • Chris Petrovic – Kabam
  • Stuart Duncan – IceJam
  • Shum Singh – Agnitio Capital
  • Devin Radford – Fox
  • Macy Mills – CAA / Hitcents

Plus representatives from EA, Hothead Games, Unity, GameSparks, Roadhouse, Magmix, Eastside Games, Iugo and many more!

A Conversation with… Michael Shannon

This time A Conversation with… checked out another one of our local developers and caught up with Michael Shannon from our 24th graduating class.


·         Tell me about what you are doing now in the Games Industry

Currently I am working as a Jr. Multiplayer Level Designer at The Coalition. Primarily I design multiplayer maps for Gears of War 4. I also helped with some design tasks for the Gears of War Ultimate Edition. Gears of War has always been my favourite game series by far, so working on the games is an incredible privilege!

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A Conversation With… Andres Molina

This time A Conversation with… checked out one of our local developers and caught up with GD18 alumni Andres Molina.


• Tell me about what you are doing now in the Games Industry
I’m currently a Game Designer at Popcap EA, working on Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. My primary focus is game modes (particularly Garden Ops), but it’s such a dynamic team that I have the opportunity to dabble in different areas of the game. It keeps me on my toes!

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A Conversation With… Mohit Punia

This time A Conversation with… Headed back overseas to India, where we found Mohit Punia from our 9th graduating class working as a lead Designer in India.


  •       Tell me about what you are doing now in the Games Industry

I am working as a Lead game designer at Aquimo sports Pvt. Ltd. in India. We are currently developing motion sensor based sports titles for Mobile platform. As a lead I take care of game’s complete design from concept to release and then regular updates.  However that’s just 50% of the job the rest includes actively working with art and dev team to execute, troubleshoot or polish the design. If required I also help manage the product. Overall I love all aspects of game development.

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A Conversation with… Alex Weatherston

This time A Conversation with… headed overseas to find a grad from our 9th class of Game Design, Alex Weatherston is working at Massive Entertainment in Sweden.


  • Tell me about what you are doing now in the Games Industry

I’m currently working as a UI Designer at Massive Entertainment in Malmo, Sweden on Tom Clancy’s The Division. The title of UI Designer is a bit deceptive as I tend to end up creating designs across the entire project that don’t neatly fit into just “UI” like the seamless online sections.

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A conversation With… Lawrence Metten

This time A Conversation with… crossed the border and found Lawrence Metten at 343 Industries in Seattle, Lawrence is from our 13th graduating class.

  • Tell me about what you are doing now in the Games Industry

I’m a Senior Multiplayer Designer at 343 Industries currently working on Halo 5: Guardians. In this role I’ve helped create competitive game modes and designed features and systems for use across all of multiplayer. The majority of my work at 343 has been on Warzone, our ambitious new 12v12 mode that we recently announced at E3. It’s been rewarding developing this new mode from a pitch into a prototype and now into something that we’re only a couple months from releasing on Oct. 27.


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A Conversation with… Jordan Tame

This time A Conversation with… bumped into Jordan Tame at Bestie’s, so we asked him a few questions, Jordan is from our 29th graduating class.


  •  Tell me about what you are doing now in the Games Industry

I am a Game Design generalist at East Side Games Studio, a Vancouver based independent studio. My focus is on mobile, “free to play” game design for a few different projects. this includes writing up and owning communication for features.

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A Conversation with… Grayson Scantlebury

This time A Conversation with… tracked down Grayson Scantlebury at EA, he is from our 8th graduating class.

Tell me about what you are doing now in the Games Industry

I’m a designer on Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2. When I joined the team I was working on some of the new stuff we haven’t announced yet but the last few months I’ve been focusing on designing levels.

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A Conversation with… Francois Chaput

This time A Conversation with… tracked down Francois Chaput from our 5th graduating class, Francois is working at BioWare Edmonton.


  • Tell me about what you are doing now in the Games Industry

I’m a Senior Level Designer at Bioware Edmonton. I recently shipped Dragon Age: Inquisition and it’s DLC Dragon Age: Inquisition: Jaws of Hakkon. Currently I’m leading level design on something unannounced.

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