Hat Jam 9 – Audio Jam



Hat Jam 9  asked the students from VFS Game Design to make some noise! With the unfortunate reality that sound in games is often left until late in development, we thought ‘Why not start with sound?’


So with 16 random sounds to blindly choose from, each team drew paper from a hat with a link to an audio clip they would be using in their 48 hour games!


Our sponsors help us with funding the event, so students didn’t have to worry about food and could focus on making their games. Thank you East Side Games, A Thinking Ape, Iugo, EXP and Freshbowl!


Also big thanks to the Volunteers and VFS sound design students that stopped by!

A Conversation with… Daniel Bittencourt

This time A Conversation with… tracked down Daniel Bittencourt  at his own company ‘Digi Ten’ in Brazil, Daniel was from our 8th graduating class.


Tell me about what you are doing now in the Games Industry

I currently run a small indie Studio with another VFS grad, and GD08 classmate of mine, Davi Costa. We founded Digi Ten just over 2 years ago when I moved back to Brazil from Vancouver.
As a game developer, I was responsible for all the programming; Davi produced all the final art assets. The rest of the work: concept art and art direction, design and level design, outsourcing and project management was split between Davi and I.
As a business owner, we’ve had to learn and handle just about everything else – dealing with taxes, drafting contracts, outsourcing work, managing cash flow, participating in events, building partnerships, and much more.

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Hat Jam 8

Hat Jam returns!

With the Global Game Jam in January, Hat Jam took a break. But the 48 hour VFS game jam returned March 13-15. Over 50 students and alumni made 11 games!

Hat Jam 8 was all about remixing classic games with some new twist. Two hats were used to draw the themes and twists jammers would be mixing over the weekend

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Student Endeavours: GD23′s The Last Phoenix on Kickstarter!

Back in July of 2012 five students (David Dryden, Ian MacGregor, Rishi Patkar, Marc St-Onge, and Jay Zhou) finished off their final project “The Last Phoenix”: the crown jewel of their year at VFS, but little did they know that this would just be the start of their journey.

“It was a tremendously visually impressive game, with unique mechanics, and a huge expressive world. Also they were the first group to pioneer with advanced shader techniques at VFS”
- Chris Mitchell: Game Design Instructor

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