Easter Eggs and Candy

With the cold and frosty winter behind us, it’s time to break out our bunny ears and get in the Easter spirit! It looks like the Easter bunny came early this year, delivering a basket full of candy goodness that is sure to satisfy your sweet-tooth. Below are some sugary pieces we were generous enough to share:

Stack’in’ Smore – The player controls a rat pushing a cracker cart who must run around a kitchen to catch pieces of falling food to create his favourite snack – s’mores!

Play Stack’in Smore here.

Jiggly Jeffrey – The Adventures of Jiggly Jeffery is a third person 2D side-scrolling platform game. Players navigate themselves through different obstacle course elements by running, jumping, climbing and crawling. Players must also dodge attacks and collect power-ups as they go. The goal is to make it through the course and collect the Big Treat as the final reward.

Play Jiggly Jeffrey here.

Run Or Roast – You play as a hero marshmallow who runs, jumps, and collects objects in an effort to rescue as many of his fellow marshmallows as he can.

Play Run Or Roast here.

Sweet Escape – An Action Puzzle game set in a candy vending machine, developed by five students using the Unity 3D engine.

Play Sweet Escape here.

Happy Easter everyone!