Flash Game Presentations : Game Design Class 30

students presenting their Flash Game

The Flash Game Presentations have been a long-standing tradition here at VFS Game Design.

Working in a small team, the students develop a Flash game over a 14-week period in Terms 2 and 3. While learning the intricacies of the Flash engine, the students write code, create art and produce audio for their games. The whole process culminates in a presentation to the entire Game Design student body, faculty and staff.

A Great Turn-Out
A packed house… great turnout!

The GD30s came prepared, showcasing 5 unique games that were more than worthy of joining the Arcade vault! Chevy Ray Johnston kicked off the show with a warm welcome to the crowd.

Up first was Lightmare: An adventure game, where the player searches the Aztec ruins of Southern Mexico.

Lightmare Screenshot 1

Lightmare Screenshot 2
Click here to play Lightmare

Next was The Tragic Tale of Unit 77: A fast-paced avoidance game, where the player controls a badly damaged robot as it tries to repair itself.

The Tragic Tale of Unit 77 Screenshot 1

The Tragic Tale of Unit 77 Screenshot 2
Click here to play The Tragic Tale of Unit 77

Third to present was Bunny Slippers & Pink Ties: A survival game where the player tries to defeat the zombie kittens that have infested the city.

Bunny Slippers and Pink Ties Screenshot 1

Bunny Slippers and Pink Ties Screenshot 2
Click here to play Bunny Slippers & Pink Ties

Then came Mind Flight, where your dream of riding a paper airplane comes true.

Click here to play Mind Flight

And last but not least is Kentucky Chase: An intergalactic shooter featuring the infamous Pickle Gun.

Click here to play Kentucky Chase

Following the presentations, the Game Design students and staff were invited back to the classroom to try the games first-hand.

Special thanks to Game Design instructors Chevy Ray Johnston, Benjamin Stern, Crystal Lau and our resident audiophile Steve Royea.

Congratulations GD30s, the bar has definitely been raised! I look forward to seeing what the GD31s have to offer this term… no pressure guys.

Jacob Tran teaches Flash at VFS