Game Design Industry Night : Pitch N Play #27

2013 April Game Design Class 27 Pitch N Play

On Thursday, April 4, 2013 at our industry night event Pitch N Play, the 27th class of VFS Game Design students will present the final games that they have spent the last 4 months designing and developing. The students are excited to share their hard work and look forward to having experienced game industry people review, play, and provide feedback on what they have created. This feedback is invaluable to help them prepare their portfolios, for their graduation on April 18th.

This group of students will be presenting four games created using the Unity Game Engine.

The Games Are :

  • Gob The Blob – A gelatinous life-form traverses a city by flinging and gliding, while shooting goo at his enemies.
  • Fragment – Suffering from dissociative personality disorder, our patient uses this ability to split into fragments and escape a space based insane asylum.
  • Halbjorn’s Wrath – Halbjorn, an angry bear shaman, defends his forest from the slimy invasion of an aquatic race that is sinking the forest into the ocean.
  • Teenage Medusa – Callisto, a descendant of Medusa, uses her snake hair to get through high school in this iPad side scroller.

A sneak peek

With a smaller class, we will be providing a sneak peek of one of our upcoming titles.

Mix and Play 

Keeping in the tradition of every Pitch N Play, the short focused pitches will be followed by a social mixer with light food, wine, and beer, where you will be able to play the games they created, and meet the students face to face. It’s a great opportunity for industry people to share their wisdom and experience, or possibly arrange a first interview.

We look forward to seeing you there — and congratulations to all our students!