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Download Requirements
    Directory The Eat 'em Up! package contains the following files and folders:
    1. Press Kit - This folder contains the press kit that was handed out with the presentaion of the game at VFS.
    2. Resumes - This folder contains the resumes for members of Acid Reflux
    3. Eat em Up.exe - This is the standalone application for PC.
    4. Eat em - This is the standalone application for Mac.
    5. Trailer - This folder contains the Eat 'em Up! trailer and screenshots.
    Installation PC:
    1. Copy 'Eat em Up.exe' and Eat em Up Data to your computer
    2. Open 'Eat em Up.exe'
    1. Copy 'Eat em' to your computer
    2. Open 'Eat em'
    System Requirements Recommended:
    • Windows 2000 or higher
    • Mac OSX 10.3 or higher
    Not enough information has been gathered for detailed System Requirements Basically, this will probably run if your computer was made in the last five years.  


Game Credits

  • Rafael Yamashiro
  • Emil 'AngryAnt' Johansen
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