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    Thank you for playing our game! ONO is brought to you by the power of the Unity3D engine, and a portfolio of the team's design skills. We hope you enjoy it! Contents
    1. Directory
    2. Play Requirements
    3. System Requirements
    4. EULA
    1. Directory In the package, you will find the following contents:
    • ONO for PC and MAC - contains the executable/.app files required to play ONO.
    • RESUMES Folder - Resume/CV for each member of the team behind ONO
    • ONO Game Manual, .PDF format
    2. Play Requirements Simply copy the 'ONO' folder from the DVD to your desktop. Once placed on the desktop, enter the folder, and double-click 'ONO.EXE' to play! In addition, the latest version of ONO is playable with a USB-enabled Xbox 360 controller. The controls are detailed in the 'How to Play' section, accessible from the front-end menu upon starting the game. They are also detailed below, for further ease of use. Keyboard Controls:
    • A/Left Arrow = Move Left
    • D/Right Arrow = Move Right
    • P = Pause game
    • Spacebar = Activate character ability
    360 Controller:
    • LEFT ANALOG STICK = Move characters LEFT and RIGHT
    • D-PAD UP = Select Crane Form
    • D-PAD RIGHT = Select Frog Form
    • D-PAD DOWN = Select Rhino Form
    • D-PAD LEFT = Select Oji (Man) Form
    • START BUTTON = Pause game
    • A BUTTON = Activate character ability
    Character Abilities
    • Crane = Horizontal Flap. May activate up to 3 times once Crane has left the ground, allows long range horizontal movement.
    • Frog = Vertical Leap. May hold button down to charge, release to activate a long range vertical movement.
    • Rhino = Rhino Ram. May hold button down to change, release to activate ram, which moves environmental objects.
    • Oji (Man) = Jump. Press A once to activate Oji's jump.
    3. System Requirements Windows XP or higher 3D accelerator card 512mb RAM OPTIONAL REQUIREMENT: The game is optimally played with a USB-enabled Xbox 360 controller. 4. End User License Agreement (EULA) ONO (Ojiisan no Origami), the characters, names, items, events, places, and universe are copyright and property of the Vancouver Film School, and Team ONO. You cannot use the content of this release without the written or expressed permission of Team ONO, but you can distribute this version of ONO (Ojiisan no Origami) over the internet and/or in a CD, DVD, or other media, as long as it is distributed for free, and no files have been altered, including this text file and its contents. By using ONO (Ojiisan no Origami), you hereby agree to everything stated in this section of this document.


Game Credits

  • Jennifer Chuu
  • Gene Carlo Magtoto
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