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Download Requirements
    • Operating System: Windows® XP SP2 or later; MAC OS X
    • Processor:   Intel CPU & "Leopard" 10.5 or later.
    • Memory:   512 MB RAM minimum (1GB recommended)
    • Hard Disk Space:  600 MB free
    • Video:   Graphics card with DirectX 9.0 level (shader model 2.0) capabilities or better
    • Sound:   Windows® or Mac OSX® compatible sound card


The Bloody Pair is an eerie top-down exploration game where the player as Karen from the fairy tale “The Red Shoes” is forced to be moving at all times with the player only able to change directions and attack rogue police officers in her mansion.

Game Credits

Programming Collaboration by: Taylor Powell PG02 Taylor Evans PG02 Matheus Bonfiglio PG02 Sounds Courtesy of: Seprix @ ShadowClint @ DjRoCAlot @ LorenS4444 @
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