GD38 2D Projects

GD38 2D Projects

On Wednesday, October 22, 2014 VFS held it’s 2D Projects course presentations, which consisted of 7 great 2D games from the GD38 class. All the games, along with their descriptions and a link to play them are listed below.


FALLEN HERO is a 2.5D side-scrolling dark fantasy exploration game where the player goes through a medieval castle collecting clues and solving puzzles to discover the origins of the curse of the main protagonist, the fallen hero. The game mixes a blend of 2D size scrolling exploration with first person interactive sequences for puzzle solving and item pickups.

Developed by Daniel Alcivia Smith, Vitor Castanheira, Alain Marchino, and Jean-Paul Peschard.

Link to PLAY Fallen Hero on the VFS Arcade.


PAPERCUT THEATRE is a third person 2D side-scrolling platformer built in the Unity Engine, where the player takes control of a mage-knight ripped out of his storybook and forced onto a new stage. The game features slower, more precision based combat as well as minor environmental interaction presented by the stage props.

Developed by Mladen Andonov, Alexander Kott, Justin Ostenssen, and Harley Stasiuk.

Link to PLAY Papercut Theatre on the VFS Arcade.


PLAY WARS is a puzzle game with RPG elements where the player plays as 5th graders who are part of pirate themed play who need to defeat other acting groups to win the play competition.

Developed by Sebastian Figueroa, Nigel Sampson, Rafael Santos, and Jean da Silveira Leite.

Link to PLAY Play Wars on the VFS Arcade.


THREAD is a 2D side-scrolling action platforming game built in Unity. Upon arriving in a strange new world, the Traveller loses a Dimensional Key, used to lock and disconnect realms from each other. The player must explores numerous regions in the realm, discovering new environments, fighting native enemies, and collecting equipment upgrades.

Developed by Chris Chang, Jean Escalante, Yang LIU, and Donovan Stasiuk.

Link to PLAY Thread on the VFS Arcade.


DERPY THE SPIDER is a 2D puzzle platformer. The player plays as Derpy, a spider who needs to reach his web. As well as the standard platforming mechanics of running and jumping, Derpy has 5 removable legs that can be thrown to kill enemies, or be dropped on the ground and picked up to solve puzzles. Players will need to allocate their usage of the spider’s arms in order to successfully reach the web at the end of each level.

Developed by Juan Barrera, Cody Cornelissen, Kavan Mann, and Aldo Sanchez Castro.

Link to PLAY Derpy the Spider on the VFS Arcade.


SHADOW OF THE SUN is a 2D side-scrolling action platformer where players take control of Lulu, a young girl born with a portion of the Sun God’s soul, who uses her powers to defeat shadow creatures and battle other competitors in the challenge to find the Sun God’s replacement.

Developed by Melvin Kwan, Nick Marce, Charles Park, and Markus Walter Redl.

Link to PLAY Shadow of the Sun on the VFS Arcade.


THERE’S A WOLF IN MY CUBICLE is a top down 2D action/ strategy game, where the player controls Randall Champagne, an unfulfilled office clerk wolf that upon being sacked becomes feral and starts devouring everyone in his office building.

Developed by Thomas Caleffi Scaletscky, Errol Hanham, Thomas Irvine, and Andre Silva.

Link to PLAY There’s a Wolf in my Cubicle on the VFS Arcade.