GD40′s 2D Projects

As had the Game Design classes 39s, 38s, 37s, and so forth before them, the GD40s completed their 2D Game Projects with limited development time and teams formed and working together for the very first time. Although I’m sure the fatigue from working so diligently on these projects and course work was weighing on them, the class got up and presented with pride their games before a live studio audience. These are those games.

(Click the TITLES of the games if you want to play them)


Chroma is a single player, 2-D side-scrolling music-driven platform running game, in which the players take control of The Hero in order to help him reaching the end of each level and escape from The Darkest Enemy. Will you be able to escape the menace, just using rhythm and colors?

Developed by Federico Spada, Michael That, Cleber Bispo, and Jeremy Powell.


Escapades is a procedurally generated endless 2D platformer in which the player navigates Dingo the Barbarian, Boris the Pirate and Olga the Witch through a goblin fortress on their way back home after a successful dungeon crawl. Players need to jump over traps and pitfalls, fight goblins and snatch as much extra treasure as possible on their way out of the clutches of danger.

Developed by Guilherme Grecu, Alexander Sporny, Max Arnold, and Edward Kim.

Iron Shadow

Iron Shadow is a 2D puzzle platform game where players take control of Shadow the Cyborg on his mission to save humanity from a giant destructive machine.

Developed by Xan Wallace, Elizabeth Wright, Sebastiane De Grano, and Sam Hong.

Men of Attrition

Men of Attrition is a 2D Sidescroller in which you play as a soldier in WW1 trying to sprint across the war torn space between the enemies and allied trenches, No Man’s Land.

Developed by Steven Hicks, Nim Frydman, Stephanie Reed, and MJ Hur.


Rezka is a 2D side-scroller action-adventure platformer for the PC in which the player controls a highly skilled ninja raccoon and fights evil samurai badgers by overcoming them in combat with agile movement and fast, powerful attacks. The goal of the game is defeat the Badgers who have been harassing Rezka and his species.

Developed by Melissa Ramsden, Thomas Vögeli, and Rae Yaw.

Taken Bacon

Taken Bacon is a 2D side-scrolling platformer, in which Lumberjack John chops through bears and trees to get back his stolen bacon! Players must traverse 4 unique levels to apprehend the mysterious thief and get back their stolen bacon.

Developed by Charles Chung, Sergei Tcoi, Aaron Wandler, and Josh Palfreyman.

Wizard Break

Wizard Break is a 2D side-scrolling magic shoot-em-up game where the old wizard, Fergis Firestone, must blast his way out of jail and take on the Arch Mage to get his Spell Book back.

Developed by Sarah Chometsky, Meghan Citra, Jin Kim, and Jay Park.