Graduation for the 38th Game Design class

What better way to finish the week than to spend it with the talented graduating students and staff. The night began with an introduction from Tanya Jensen (Program Manager) and Dave Warfield (Head of Department). After this Jean Escalante (Elected Student Speaker) and Scott Morin (Selected Instructor Speaker) gave humorous and encouraging speeches.

The students then lined up for their diplomas, the long progression that included a hand shake / fist bump hybrid as well as more conventional hand shakes and hugs. Once the ceremony was over the students and parents went to the production floor for refreshments and to see what the students had spent the last year working on. After fifteen minutes the crowds had gathered back downstairs in the TV studio for the award show. These are special awards with five nominees for each category.

And the winners are:

Best Game Concept

Vitor Castanheira

Best Board Game

Justin Ostensen

Best Game Design Document

Thomas Caleffi

Excellence in Level Design

Jean-Paul Peschard

Excellence in Story

Errol Hanham & Thomas Caleffi

Excellence in Coding

Jean Fernado da Silveira Leite

Excellence in Art

Melvin Kwan

Unsung Hero

Andy Fedorchuk

Best Instructor

Scott Morin

Best Course

Scott Morin

Best 2D Project Game

Aldo Sanchez, Jean Fernado da Silveira Leite, Kavan Mann and Cody Cornelissen

Best Final Project

Space Berserkrs (Alain Marchino, Yang Liu, Vitor Castanheira, Jean Paul Peschard and Daniel Alcivia Smith)

Zeta Busters (Melvin Kwan, Justin Ostensson, Charles Park, Brian Yich)

Congratulations to all the graduates, nominees and award winners. Best of luck to all of you and we can’t wait to see where your future takes you.