Haunted Workstations

Women in Games Scholarship winner 2012 Kristina Soltvedt

Day 3.

Our group is falling into some sort of madness. Everything becomes a ghost pun. Maybe the team next to us is rubbing off. Halbjorn’s Wrath has an arsenal of bear puns, so I’m thinking they might be to blame. Not sure yet though. Will get back to you on that.

Our art is coming together soooo amazingly. Below is a little preview of a kid that’ll be in the game. Alejandro Borjas is hard at work with the models, as you can see. I’m amazed at the speed of his modeling; it’s really mind boggling. Four models done in a couple of days and looking awesome. Our PM Olivia Veras has already imported one of them into Unity and it looks ADORABLE. So psyched!

In other news, we have more mechanics in and are on a good track for M1, I think. Our programmer Pavel Tomasik has worked really hard to get some bounce on houses and reflection and angle and oh gooooood. I don’t do coding justice when I explain it. I’m really impressed though.

As for me? I’ve been figuring out the puzzles that are gonna go into the game, which means lots of paper planning and sketching. Below is a drawing some dense child did at three in the morning. Or it might just be my paper plans. Either way, I retract the statement I made in the previous post: my designs do NOT come across to anyone but me, and maybe my team — if they put their heart into decoding it. My dogs look like little beetles, which I maintain is somewhat cute. It won’t take long before my poor sketching skills go from endearing to frustrating, though. Must work on that!

In other news, our work stations seem to be somewhat haunted, which we realize is ironic and no longer very hilarious. UNITY WHYYYYYY U NO WORK! Thaaaank gooooodnesss for amazing IT support!

Back to sketching. Peace!