Level Design : Capture the Flag Map

Women in Games 2012 Scholarship Winner Kristina Soltvedt

As promised, here are a few screen shots from the latest Level build we did at VFS. This particular level is a Capture the Flag map for twelve players.

View of the Arena

It was a team assignment, so me and my partner decided to do a deteriorating coliseum with an intricate sewer system below it. It gave me a chance to play with some pretty advanced Kismet as well, which I really appreciated (after hours of endless frustration, of course). The result, I don’t mind saying, is quite well done. At least, we’re pretty happy with it!

Hope you enjoy!


View of red and blue base from arena

Sweet lighting around the elevated area of the arena

Red base

sewers under the red base



Top down, side view, orthographic view and front view of level