New Games for the New Year

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I am always inspired when I look back in January and see how prolific our students were with their game creations. In 2013, VFS Game Design students produced over 100 games using Unity, UDK, Flash and HTML5.

Below we have selected 6 inspiring games that are sure to motivate any game making enthusiast out there to create their first title for 2014!

Bullet Ride (GD28) – Bullet Ride is a 3rd person fast paced action game, where the player steers a bullet through an art deco world, developed by a team of five students using Unity 4.0.

Play Bullet Ride HERE.

Inkling (GD30) – A two character platformer, set in a dark and dangerous castle laboratory, made by four students using Unity.

Play Inkling HERE.

Saturday Pirate Night (GD30) – Saturday Pirate Night is a 2.5D side-scrolling shooting game, where you can blast your sea enemies, perform cool stunts moves, and sail across 3 unique levels, while listening to Rock/Disco songs.

Play Saturday Pirate Night HERE.

Starstruck (GD31) – A 3D twin-stick brawler, with a classic cartoon aesthetic, developed by a three student team in Unity3D.

Play Starstruck HERE.

String Theory (GD31) – A third person grapple adventure, set in a cross-stitched world, developed by 5 students using the Unity Engine.

Play String Theory HERE.

Sweet Escape (GD31) – An Action Puzzle game, set in a candy vending machine, developed by five students using the Unity 3D engine.

Play Sweet Escape HERE.