Pitch and Play : Game Design Class 28

Pitch N Play 28

It’s time for another Pitch and Play!  Tonight (Thursday, May 30, 2013), in the Main Studio at the Game Design campus, the 28th class of VFS Game Design students will present to the Game Industry the final games they’ve spent the last 4 months designing and developing. The students are excited to share their hard work and are looking forward to having experienced game industry people review, play, and provide feedback on what they have created. This feedback is invaluable to help them prepare their portfolios for their graduation on June 20th.

This Pitch and Play features a group of students who will be presenting five games created using the Unity Game Engine. They are:

Bullet Ride 

A fast paced First Person Bullet Simulator, where your mini hero steers a bullet on its path to destruction.


A networked multi-player arena fantasy game; battling-creatures power up to defeat each other.


Set in the creepiest of locations (a traveling circus), you must survive the attacks of the circus minions.


Controlling a jet-bot, you discover your ability to create cyclones, which circle your player and provide both offense and defense.

The Horroring

Recently deceased, a ghost must use her haunting skills to scare the villagers, and HELP her friends to join her in the afterlife.