Pitch & Play for the 30th Game Design Class

Every Game Design class has a special day that they look forward to, it’s called Pitch & Play. It’s the night that the whole year builds up to, it is the culmination of 8 weeks of planning and design, and 12 weeks of development.

Pitch & Play is the event where student teams show off their games, first with a formal 5-10 minute presentation, followed by a social mingler where invited industry guests have a chance to sit down and play their games, ask questions, provide feedback and get to know the students better before they graduate.

The evening kicked off with Brolarity, where you are an abandoned robot left behind in a school. Not just any robot , but an ultra cool Bro-bot. Using a sword found in a classroom, you have to battle your way past all types of robotic enemies trying to stop you from leaving.


Check out and play Brolarity HERE


Next up was Moonwhale, a beautiful aquatic adventure, where you take on the role of  an octopus and his clam friend who are trying to help their friend, an alien moonwhale, return to his planet by collecting stardust.


Check out and play Moonwhale HERE


The third game to be shown was Inkling, a unique game where you control Eli and Elli, two ink based friends that were failed experiments, but can work together to escape the dangerous lab where they were created.


Check out and play Inkling HERE


Finally the presentations wrapped up with the hilarious Saturday Pirate Night, a high seas hijinx of madness. Navigate your pirate ship past sea-cops, flying pigs, and the ultimate boss, Aqua Dracula-Elvis, all in an attempt to get to the party.


Check out and play Saturday Pirate Night HERE


Following the presentations everyone headed upstairs to have a “beverage”, and most of all to get their hands on the games. Even with some subtle suggestions that the evening was closing and the students should go and celebrate, most of the attendees wanted to stay and keep playing. After all, they had to get their Ink based Bro’s to the party with the help of their clam and pirates.

Dave Warfield is the Head of Game Design, and Andrew Laing is a Senior Instructor at VFS