Spoooooky production

Women in Games Scholarship Winner Kristina Soltvedt

Long time no see and super busy. Extra points for half rhyme, I think.

Sooo much has happened in the last couple of months. Our class has moved down to the second floor and we are now in the Prrrrroduction phase of the year. This essentially means that we are making a game in a couple of months to be shown to the industry at the program’s Pitch and Play event.

I’m really, really, psyched to finally be down there to be able to work solely on our game idea. My team is really amazing too! Below is a great poster our artist and project manager whipped up, which is now hanging outside our work station.

Poster of The Horrors

As far as my role goes, I’m doing the level design for our team. I’m currently bent over a stack of badly drawn top down maps, which create the basis of what will eventually become a game (after millions of iterations of course). And sadly, I am noooot joking when I say the drawings look like a child put them together; they really do. However, they get my designs across, which is the most important thing.

The game we’re working on is about a lonely ghost lady wandering around in a village. She decides that spending the afterlife in solitude isn’t fun at all, so she decides she should kill off three of her friends to have some company in the afterlife. It’s a really fast-paced humorous take on the ghost genre, where you’re moving around trying to scare as many people as possible to rack up your “Ghost Cred” so you can eventually kill off your friends. Our amazing artist Alejandro Borjas put together some great concepts for us in pre-production and he is now working on getting the 3D models ready. The top lady is our ghost protagonist and the characters below are some of the folks you’ll be seeing in our game. EEEEE!

Concept Art for Ghost Game

These next months of production are going to be hectic and crazy and terrifying, but I have amazing hopes for our class and for my group! We’re all super excited to show the industry what we’re made of!