Think Design : Alternative Blindness


Okay, pop quiz. You just inherited $50,000. Do you:

a)    Invest the money and spend it later.

b)    Spend most of it now on stuff you’ve wanted for a while.

Congratulations to anyone who invented their own option c) and chose that instead.

When we are presented with either/or choices, we often fail to think outside the box and look for other alternatives. This is called Alternative Blindness, and it can make us miss some great ideas in favor of ones that are just so-so.

You may have heard of a little challenge called the candle test: You’re at a table in the corner of a small room. On the table, there’s an ordinary candle, a book of matches, and a box of thumbtacks. Your challenge is to light the candle so that it can burn down without dripping wax onto the table.

Figured it out? Here’s the answer:

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