3D Pipeline Process: Tips & Tricks

Often-times students ask me what the process is of creating art and getting it in-game. The plethora of tools available for artists to use these days means that there is really no one true answer to that question. Through research of my own and working closely with others, I’ve continually iterated and built on my own workflow and pipeline process to a point at which I’m happy with the results. Below I’ll be sharing with you a quick overview of the process that I use in creating art.

Concept Creation:

Whether you work in Zbrush or in Maya, the early block out stage is extremely important. At this stage in the game art-creation is all about working fast and agile to suss out the overall theme and tone of the character or art-piece.


Through time and continually building up your model you will eventually have a high resolution mesh you are happy with. This process can be time consuming and consists of continually adding-to and taking away from the design and concept of your project. Having good reference separates good art from great art at this stage.

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Fragment Gets the Attention of Online Magazines

A scientist's body is ripped apart as he is assimilated.

Over the last week, three significant online game magazines (IndiegamesPCGamer & Rock Paper Shotgun) picked up on the final project of VFS Game Design students from the 27th graduating class: Nick LuitenLawrence MathesJordan Lang and Garrett Metcalf (with collaborators, Saul Solis and Beso Ben Kacharava). The game is called Fragment and we agree, it is definitely worthy of the attention.

To find out what the excitement is all about check out Fragment’s Games Page, where you can download it and play it yourself.