Job Hunting 101 With East Side Games

Josh Nison from East Side Games

When a mysterious item called Job Hunting 101 with Eastside games appeared on our schedules, most of us students did not really know what to expect or what to make of this invitation. Yet the Design Theater was packed to the brim on Friday, May 3rd for this event, which was the first in a series and featured Josh Nilson of Eastside Games, as well as two VFS Game Design alumni currently working there, who talked about the hiring process and the development landscape here in Vancouver.

The talk was moderated by Josh Nilson, founder of Eastside Games, who brought to the table a lot of experience and talked himself into different jobs and made a few mistakes that caused a lot of amusement amongst the audience.

With him were Game Design alumni, Kay Chan and Josh Wood, who are now both valuable members of the Eastside Games team.

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