A Mini Ludum Dare Postmortem

A screenshot of Jumpstarter, my MiniLD 44 submission

Mini Ludum Dare 44

Ludum Dare is a fairly well-known game development competition in which the goal is for single developers to make a game in 48 hours, based on a given theme.  There have been 26 Ludum Dare competitions so far, and a number of smaller events have sprung up around the main event, including both a game jam and Ludum Dare’s little cousin, Mini Ludum Dare.

A few weeks ago (from July 22 to 29), I participated in the 44th Mini Ludum Dare, and my game was one of 99 submitted to the competition.  The hashtag for the competition perfectly encapsulates its theme – #7DRTS.  We were to make an RTS (Real Time Strategy) game in 7 days.  Because we were allowed to reuse code and assets we had the rights to, I felt I was able to participate, since I had a decent code base on hand for managing a window, user input and art assets; and because RTS games are a huge part of both, why I became a gamer in the first place, and why I want to become a game developer, I felt I had to participate.  The result was Jumpstarter (submission page here), a space RTS game that I created in 7 days.

In this post, I’d like to do a postmortem of the development of Jumpstarter, by laying out three things that I could improve upon, and three things that went well.

What Went Wrong

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