2014 VFS Holiday-Retrospectacular and Game-Update Bonanza

Hey all, with the end of 2014 fast approaching and a new year around the corner we here at VFS thought it would be nice to look back at the year and highlight everyone’s hard work as well as look forward to 2015! (and put the spotlight on all the new games that have been updated in this websites library!)

When I consider 2014 it’s hard to believe all that has changed since I was in my second term at this time last year. Students have graduated, Staff has come and gone, Alumni have gotten exciting jobs in Vancouver and around the world, a new program that VFS is offering here at the Game Design campus has started: “Programming for Games, Web, & Mobile”, and perhaps most importantly we have made a lot of really cool and exciting games. Five Game Design classes have graduated with one more class, the GD37′s (who are notable for being the first GD class to collaborate with the new Programming program) graduating in the coming weeks.

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Pitch & Play for the 32nd Game Design Class

One night is the sum of an entire years work from the Game Design students of Vancouver Film School. This fabled night, the end of the pilgrimage, is titled Pitch & Play. Many students refer to it simply as Industry Night, for it is this night that the graduating class of students presents their final games to a studio full of industry officials with eyes for fresh talent. This is the night for them to seize life and ascend from game student to actual Game Designer.

On Feburary 6th 2014, three final games were showcased from the graduating class of GD32 (GD=Game Design, 32 = Thirty Second class to go through the program. Labels are super cool!). As a bonus for the crowd, a fourth game was shown as well. A group of students from the GD34’s created a flash game in the first half of their 1 year program, it was shown as the night’s appetizer.

Figure 1: Kdu Novaes – Mechanics and UI Designer, Chema Leon – Programmer

Stacking Smores opened the night! It was designed and created in two terms (4 months) for the Flash Project that all students partake in during their 2nd and 3rd terms. Throughout the year, students are encouraged to not just think about finishing a project, but how they could use that project in the future after VFS. Stacking Smores was created with the intention of eventually porting it to mobile devices. With this final goal in mind, this group of students produced a highly polished product worthy enough to be shown during Pitch & Play! “We hope this was a good appetizer for tonight, please enjoy the GD32 projects!” was the closing statement by the team artist and Women in Games Scholarship winner, Nicha Jaijadesuk.
You can play the game HERE

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