Unity Visits VFS Game Design

Unity Presentation

Last week (Tuesday, May 21, 2013) the students of VFS Game Design got an unexpected treat when a few folks from Unity Technologies dropped by for a visit.

Carl Callewaert (Unity Evangelist), Randy Spong (Field Engineer), and Kevin Robertson (Business Development) toured the VFS Game Design campus, and had a good look at all the final project games underway by Game Design classes 28 and 29.  It was a good time for Unity to visit, because at the moment, every student final game project is being created using Unity!

Game Design Class 28 is pretty close to graduation, so their games are in the last stage of development, looking and playing great!  This is the class that will be presenting their games at the next Industry Night event Pitch and Play, which is tonight (Thursday, May 30, 2013)! If you’re going, you can look forward to seeing Chromeras (which was given a sneak peak at the last Industry Night Pitch and Play for Game Design Class 27), The Horroring, Demonella, Big Jet, and Bullet Rider.

Game Design Class 29 benefited from the Unity visit by getting fresh-eyed feedback on their games, which are in early stages of development.

The Unity guys had numerous suggestions on how students could improve their games, from optimization tips and graphics techniques, to gameplay feedback.

Carl Callewaert said the VFS Game Design student games were the best he’s seen in the world.  This might have been flattery, but hey, I’ve always thought so too!

Following the tour, Carl gave a presentation to the entire student body.  It was essentially a condensed version of David Helgason’s presentation from Unite Nordic on May 21, touching on Unity Technologies’ philosophies, future plans, and with a view of the current game development industry.  Following that, Carl gave us a great overview of some new and advanced Unity features, including the Mecanim animation system, optimization, debugging, and more!  It was a great brain dump, and I’m sure every student’s Kung Fu improved as a result.

Randy Spong also shared a wise game development adage:  “Once the first 90% of development is finished, all that’s left is the second 90%.”

All in all, it was a terrific surprise and a great opportunity having Unity visit.


Bren Lynne teaches Unity, Project Pipeline and Cinematics at Game Design