Digital Design Grad Lands Rockin’ Job at MuchMusic

It causes the blood to race, induces a euphoric response, and comes from Colombia. That’s right – we’re talking about Ivan Mosquera‘s day job: writing, directing, and editing at CityTV‘s MuchMusic office in Bogota.

Ivan once stood amongst a crowd of faceless humans all rushing to nameless classes across the well-maintained lawns of a cookie-cutter University. But Ivan wasn’t like the rest – and he knew it. He loved computers and engineering, but suspected that a University degree wasn’t for him. Like many famous artists before him, Ivan left the comfort of traditional University and sought refuge in a world unknown, yet still familiar.

‘VFS was the door to another world in every way,’ says Ivan. ‘It was in another country, in a new culture, and of course, it offered new knowledge.’

Vancouver Film School offered Ivan the opportunity to take his love of computers and turn it into art, ‘All that I know about video and audio production and post-production I learned at VFS. I loved everything about VFS — the people, the teachers, the environment, and the fact that we had access to the equipment and the campus 24/7.’

Ivan studied Digital Design at VFS and took his new skills and portfolio back to Colombia with him.

Directing for MuchMusic

‘I called some people I thought might be interested, then I got a call back, and that was it.’ Ivan joined the CityTV team in Bogota, becoming senior editor on a little TV station called MuchMusic. Most Canadians are familiar with CityTV and MuchMusic, ‘We’re a franchise of the CityTV Television Network in Canada.’

While many Digital Design grads go on to successful careers at design firms, gaming companies, or similar ventures, few go onto become senior editor/writer/directors at a successful television station; Ivan is the exception.

‘I write the scripts for some of the shows that air daily and I direct them. I provide support for international material, supervise and do most of the translations, and I’m also in charge of international interviews when an artist from out of the country, who only speaks Spanish, is on tour in Colombia.’

An Insatiable Hunger to make Films

Despite Ivan’s present satisfaction, the craving for personal fame grows stronger every day, ‘I want to move into Music Video production, I want to make independent films, and I want to work in Canada or Australia.’

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