YouTube Winners Make the Scene

It was about nine months ago that we announced the three winners of the VFS/YouTube Scholarship Competition – three incredible creative minds and aspiring designers who won full-tuition scholarships on the strength of YouTube video submissions on the theme “What Matters to You?”

All three chose the one-year Digital Design program at VFS, and two of them - Jorge R. Canedo Estrada and Stefan Ramirez Pérez – have already begun their studies. (The third, Christopher Harrell, is set to join us in May.) You can bet we’ll be following up with these three soon. In the meantime, YouTube itself has blogged a bit of an update, featuring some of the work Jorge and Stefan have accomplished already at VFS. Well worth a look. Here’s a taste, courtesy of Jorge:

Also, it was made last year (and so pre-VFS), but take a look at this amazing Joanna Newsom video Stefan and his brother Benjamin made for a video contest run by the music blog Said the Gramophone!

Edit: By popular demand, here’s Stefan’s video:

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