Digital Design in Mexico Part 2: Meeting the Mexico City Design Community

I was in Mexico City recently for a whirlwind trip that included speaking engagements, meetings with technology companies, ad agencies, and interactive firms, a visit at Universidad Anáhuac, and a VFS Digital Design Open House.

Yesterday, I shared five video interviews with a few incredibly talented Mexican Digital Design graduates. Today, begins the account of my trip to Mexico City.

Wednesday, September 29

I was recently invited to serve on the advisory board of TechBA, an international business accelerator program run by the Mexican Ministry of Economy in alliance with FUMEC and ACELTEC. Its mission is to develop companies in the technology sector and give them opportunities to grow internationally. I was delighted when they asked me to visit Mexico City to meet with and advise Mexican multimedia companies looking to expand their footprint beyond Latin America.

My visit to Mexico was coordinated by Ivan Zavala Junco, FUMEC/TechBA’s IT Industry Development Coordinator and New Media Coordinator, and I was very fortunate to be accompanied by my Mexico-based colleague, Bárbara Mártinez Ruiz, VFS International Admissions Advisor for Latin America.

Amber with Ivan Zavala Junco, FUMEC/TechBA’s IT Industry Development Coordinator and New Media Coordinator.

I kicked off the first day of the trip by facilitating a TechBA-sponsored seminar to the Mexican digital community called Opportinidades en Digital Media. The focus of this presentation was a global perspective on the multimedia landscape and where our industry is going given all of the emerging digital platforms and channels.

From there, I conducted TechBA business accelerator sessions with several companies. Hugo Chacón Acuña, Administration and Finance Director at fl.sikorski, a creative agency that provides interactive and social media design, and animation for social and casual gaming, and ng. Julio Alberto Sanchez Hdez. of Media Eduteiment, a company specializing in advergames and multi-touch experiences.

Amber Bezahler presents on the future of digital media.

I also spoke with Ignacio Medina Ramos of Inmersys, a 3D animation company that has three divisions for different 3D modeling approaches — InmerSIM, InmerWeb and InmerTOUR. Fausto Cantú from Render Farm Studios, a multimedia and VFX/3D animation studio and I discussed international marketing strategies.

My meetings that afternoon ended with a conversation with Mauricio Martínez M., Art Director at Estudio ArteFacto, an agency that also provides advergames for mobile devices, including their iPhone game Huevos Para Llevar de Huevocartoon. I was extremely impressed with both the creativity of these companies as well as their forward-thinking business models.

In the evening, TechBA hosted a VFS Digital Design cocktail party where industry thought leaders mingled. I presented an overview of the Digital Design program, and we were fortunate enough to have numerous Mexican VFS alumni join us, several of whom presented their amazing work. It was inspiring to meet new people, share ideas, and see the successes of our many graduates.

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