Interactive Designer of the Year

When VFS Digital Design instructor Myron Campbell won Interactive Designer of the Year at the Canadian New Media Awards gala in Toronto, he had a global booster club cheering him on: his most recent employer, current and former students, and the entire VFS community. Here’s Myron’s own account of the evening – and the creative work that got him there.

I arrived early to a packed pre-show gathering at The Design Exchange building in Toronto for the 10th annual CNMA awards. This was my third time being nominated for this individual achievement award, and I’ll admit, I was pretty nervous. I even went so far as to bring one of my two-year-old daughter’s toys as a good luck charm, a little Grim Reaper Gogo toy that she named “Suzie”. It was on me all night.

Most of what the CNMAs look at is the body of work you’ve produced in the last year. In 2009 and 2010, I was Art Director at Switch United. We received a Bell Fund to create the online experience for the Omni-produced TV series Ice Pilots NWT, which was a huge success.

We also created two huge interactive installations during the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games in VancouverThe Digital Gateway is a permanent interactive installation in a 110-foot-long passageway at the BC Showcase at Robson Square, part of the 2010 Commerce Centre which was used to host VIP and corporate visitors during the Olympics. This was a collaboration with Switch United and Alex Beim and Tangible Interaction along with classical animation by VFS graduate Tzanko Tchangov from the Classical Animation program.

At the awards, I was seated right up at the front – so close I could see every one of Ben Mulroney‘s grey hairs. (He was a fantastic host, by the way, spending most of the time insulting himself and getting a lot of laughs.) I could see the teleprompter as well -”And the winner is…” for the other awards, written upside down.

Is it cheating if I saw my name when my category came up? It was a really exciting and fullfilling moment to finally receive this award and be recognized for the work I’ve been a part of. It was a great feeling to look on Twitter and Facebook and see all the support from VFS staff, students, and alumni cheering me on. Thank you.

You can explore the projects mentioned in this post, as well as Myron’s other work, on his website. Do yourself a favour and watch this video demonstrating the awesome Digital Gateway project by clicking here.


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