Digital Design Grad Draws Inspiration from Architecture

If you think about markets for motion graphics, India might not be the first country to spring to mind. But with the largest film industry — by films produced — in the world, and a digital design industry that successfully weathered the recent recession, India has emerged as a significant consumer of design work.

When Movies Now, an Indian television channel providing Hollwood movies in HD, approached DixonBaxi to produce motion strands, the agency turned to Digital Design grad Vinny Morales to create them. Vinny, who works under the name Kultnation, found inspiration in a variety of places:

Architecture is one of the many; graphic design and photography would be second on the list, and they all merge together in three concepts: form, light and space. With the help of motion design and CGI, I can iterate and explore new boundaries between these three concepts on different graphic and visual levels.

Vinny’s creativity benefited from tight direction from Dixon Baxi’s Director, Simon Dixon, who tailored the open brief with  specific requirements in terms of style, colour palette, and animation. As for India’s emerging role in the digital space:

This was my first project for the Indian market, so I’m not sure about this. I do know the Indian market’s getting bigger and drawing a lot of attention from big companies. Wouldn’t surprise me though if we see more work from them in the following years.

You can see more of Vinny’s work on his website.

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