Keeping It Reel

We recently teamed up to create the title sequence for fellow student, Alvin Keung’s, VFX reel. This wasn’t a school project but we thought it would be a lot of fun and it would be nice to help out a student from the 3D Animation & Visual Effects program here at VFS. In this post, we each share our perspective on this project.

Julian: I met Alvin, a VFX student, during one of the class rep dinners. He was in his sixth term and looking to add some motion graphics to his VFX reel’s opening titles and to highlight some of the shots. So he consulted me on helping him out. The style he was looking for was very specific — minimalist and clean. Knowing that my term 3 was going to be very challenging, I asked for Leon’s help to put together the motion graphics and I knew that it was in the vein of Leon’s style.

We split the work and finished with this.  We used Photoshop (for the title sequence elements, such as the cards flying in) and Illustrator for the motion graphics bits and then put everything in together in After Effects. Not all the motion graphics were used in the final cut, but it was a fun project and I really enjoy collaborating with other departments.

Leon: I was pleasantly surprised when Alvin first showed his idea of the title sequence he wanted for his reel. It had a bit of ‘Casino Royale’ influence to it, which to me, was one of the best title sequences out there. Yet, what Alvin visualized had its own style that integrated well with the key theme of his piece. Doing this project was one of those rare times where a client has a similar style, and has a clear vision of what they want. While it’s nowhere near perfect, we’re quite happy with it.

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