Summer Intensive Students Walk on the Wild Side

Hot on the heels of the Mexico Summer Intensive, we held one here in Vancouver. It was equally inspiring — the students threw themselves into the week and immersed themselves in everything Digital Design has to offer. The results of their dedication and hard work paid off as the summer intensive students collaboratively produced a fantastic iPad app that houses their respective motion graphics pieces. Here’s how it all went down…

Day 1: Unleashing Inner Design Animals

The week in the Digital Design Summer Intensive began with the students unleashing their inner design animals. In the Creative Direction & Brand Identity Design session, the students thought about their individual personalities and what makes each of them differentiated and unique. They then each created a wildlife persona and visually translated these traits into anthropomorphic characters through pencil sketches. In the afternoon session, 2D Graphics 1, they learned to employ vector graphic techniques, through Illustrator, to create finalized versions of their characters.

Day 2: Walking on the Wild Side

Day two kicked off with the User Experience and Information Architecture session. The students collaborated, as a team, to create the site map and wireframes for their iPad application. In the afternoon 2D Graphics 2 session, they finalized the concept for their app — Animals Gone Wild: Spring Breakout — and learned Photoshop techniques to add texture and dimensionality to their characters and the background environments they inhabit. The best part was they got to create dark alter egos for their characters.

Day 3: Getting into Character

Now that their animals were visualized, it was time to really ‘˜get into character’ with the Video Production session. The students learned about video composition and techniques for working with lighting and cameras. They helped set up lights and filmed their performances in front of a green screen as the next step in creating their virtual worlds. They filmed footage using various camera angles to capture different shots of them in their ‘˜environments’. In the afternoon session of Video and Audio Editing, they captured the footage into Adobe Premiere, and then edited it using the multi-camera techniques. They explored ways to create soundscapes through music and sound effects to enhance the feeling and message of their motion graphics pieces. In the early evening, the students attended the Digital Design Talks: Triple Threat event. A Digitial Design student team showed their phenomenal results on the Brainstreams campaign. Sergio Toporek, Principal of Toporek Design, spoke about creative commons and showed stellar quick tips in Photoshop. Lastly, Eric Christianson, VP of Branding at Campbell’s Soup, spoke about how to create a sustainable brand.

Day 4: Taming the Beast

Motion Design built on the editing and audio-syncing techniques learned on Wednesday. The students added effects to their videos by compositing live action footage with moving images using keying techniques in After Effects. In the afternoon iPad Mobile Publishing session, the students brought all of their assets together within the iPad app using InDesign’s ePublishing workflow as the tool.

Day 5: Getting Slammed!

Their final day started off with an early morning brief for the Slam — a kinetic, thrilling, all-day design challenge. The brief was to re-imagine a grocery shopping experience. The students got the chance to work directly with full-time Digital Design students in teams to complete this exciting mission. In the afternoon, they took a brief hiatus from the Slam to learn how the different facets of the industry work together to change the way people see and interact with the world in the Business of Design session. Then, it was back to the Slam! The day culminated in presentations to a panel of judges that included both VFS faculty and industry professionals — Anne Forkutza from iQmetrix and James Richardson from Engine Digital. Best of all, the students got to unveil their joint, week-long collaboration — the ‘˜Animals Gone Wild: Spring Breakout’ iPad app!

Stay tuned for the video of the iPad app… to be posted soon!

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