Deconstructing Street Art

In a post I made earlier in the year, I talked about my love of teaching 2D Graphics 1 to our Digital Design students. I can honestly say I have an equal love of teaching 2D Graphics 3 which combines techniques from both Illustrator and Photoshop. This is an elective course in which we analyze and deconstruct current styles and trends. The students then have studio time to create a new work inspired by these techniques. The result is always exciting as everyone has such a unique take on each lesson.

In this particular lesson, the class was asked to emulate “Street Art”. Each student created an illustration that looked like it had been spray-painted on a brick wall. At the beginning of the class, we look at what’s happening in the Street Art scene. This is a movement that has expanded beyond graffiti into things like yarn-bombing, wheat-pasting, stenciling, sticker art and LED art.

I also show them some of my favourites like Banksy, Blu and even some of the masters like Basquiat and Keith Haring. Once the students are chalked full of inspiration we set them loose to create their own Street Art pieces.

Hope you enjoy the results. This lesson will always be one of my favourites!



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