2012 Miles Nurse Scholarship – Call for Entries

It’s time again for the Miles Nurse Scholarship call for entries! This scholarship was created to acknowledge our Senior Instructor, Miles Nurse, and his ongoing contribution to our profession, and his tremendous efforts in helping educate a new generation of user experience and interactive designers. This is an annual $2,500 VFS scholarship awarded to a new student for the January intake of the Digital Design program. The successful candidate will be an individual who demonstrates a strong interest and passion for user experience, interactive design, problem solving, and storytelling.


Curious if you might be the right candidate for this opportunity? Well, let’s hear more from two previous recipients of the Miles Nurse Scholarship — alumnus, Arcelia Ocana Manjarrez and current student, Jane Haezer Saputra.

In selecting these talented individuals, Miles saw their budding UX design sensibility shine through in their scholarship submissions. “In Arcelia’s submission,” said Miles, “it was her passion that shone through and was embodied in a classic Mexican saying she provided, “I’m not sure if my English is good enough to win this scholarship competition but, as we say in Mexico, “There’s no worse struggle than one that’s not even done.” For Jane’s write up, what stood out to me was her inquisitive nature. She’s an ethnographer at heart and I could tell she would embrace a user-centred design approach. You can see it in her response which included a statement that read, “To achieve my dream of being an interactive designer, I will work hard, ask lots of questions, get lots of answers, and enjoy every second of it.”

The ladies were kind enough to take a few moments to reflect on their experiences of winning the scholarship competition and attending the program…

What does being selected for the Miles Nurse Scholarship mean to you?

“Winning the Miles Nurse scholarship was a real honor for me. When I submitted my application, I was a little worried because the entire world is eligible to participate. It makes it hard to believe you can win it. People are so talented and I felt at a big disadvantage because English is not my first language. But I got it! :) When I heard the news I couldn’t believe it. I just felt grateful and encouraged to give more than a 100% in all my projects.”

“I didn’t think I would get it! There are a lot of people here with extraordinary talent and more experience than me. So being chosen as a scholarship recipient was really awesome. Of course, I’m happy and proud of this achievement, but it also meant I would have to work even harder!”


In what way have the User Experience and Interactive Design courses changed your perspective on the world?

The user experience and interactive design courses honestly changed my life. I didn’t have a clue about how important these disciplines are in our lives — we almost breath them and don’t even notice. It takes so much vision to create and design an interactive piece. This course really opened my eyes to an entirely different world of opportunities.”


For me, interactive design reveals a different side of the world. I never thought of this before; I just thought that was the way things were supposed to be. But in my User Experience and Interactive Design courses, I found that’s not so. Someone actually thought through a problem, considered user affordances and intelligently designed something (an interface, an object, an interaction) to be easy to use and meet our daily needs. I’ve had the opportunity to see the world around me in a new light — not just as an end user, but as a designer. It also gave me an understanding of why something is designed the way it is and has made me reflect on what I consider good design — why do I like this item more than that item?, what are the differences?, and how could the experience be improved? And it’s not just about web or a mobile device application. It’s everything that I can get my hands on. For example, one notebook is much more comfortable to use then the other just because of its dimensions. I find one microwave requires me less hassle because all I have to do is press a ‘re-heat food’ button rather than figuring out what the power level is and how long should I use it. And when I go to a website or use an application, I’m starting to see why one is easier to navigate then the other. It’s all these things that I didn’t realize before. And it’s been amazing to find that each experience can be very different with just the slightest difference in its design.


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