Amon Tobin Delivers with ISAM

Last night, at The Vogue Theatre’s sold-out show, I witnessed an enthralling visual performance by electronic musician Amon Tobin. Tobin has been revolutionizing electronic music since his signing with Ninja Tune in 1996. My favorite album was one he created entirely from field recordings in 2007 called, Foley Room. That is until I heard ISAM and seeing Amon Tobin’s performance last night and hearing the material live has sealed the deal.

Tobin played out the entire show encased in a large cube (or what could be an enlarged pixel) amongst a series of smaller cubes that resembled a partially blown-up Q-bert set. Projection Mapping was then applied via one large projector and visuals adhered themselves to the dimension of the cubes while moving in time with the music. The experience was seamless. There was even a moment where Tobin was seen waving his hands in front of a camera, which was then processed digitally and projected back on the cubes. Like some strange Matrix-nightmare, we could see Tobin’s digital twin surfacing throughout the evening.

I would definitely check this out if you get the chance.

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