Burnkit Celebrates Anniversary with ‘Prototypes’

Last Saturday night I ventured east of Main for Burnkit‘s 11th Anniversary party. The innovators that they are, they took a page from Micky Rooney and Judy Garland and instead of the standard studio party they put on a show!

Prototypes‘ is a collection of actual prototypes from some of Vancouver’s most successful creatives. If you are a fan of industrial design or merely intrigued by the creative process you should make an effort to attend. There are diverse works on display with some doing an excellent job of telling the story behind the design, the most effective being the labelled wooden iterations of a fork, spoon, and knife by Lukas Peet (finished project pictured on the right).

Opening night saw a great turn-out with and resulted in a great opportunity for me to view the exhibit, snoop through the main rooms of Burnkit’s workspace, and catch up with Jeff Greenberg who has been working at Burnkit since graduating from Digital Design in 2007 among other creative friends.

September 27th is Student night from 6-9pm and the exhibit will be open on Saturday and Sunday this coming weekend.

Full details here.

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