Taking Design for Print and Tablets to the ‘MAX’


Designers and developers from all over North America will be gathering in Los Angeles this weekend for Adobe MAX. Billed as ‘the place where technology and artistry converge’ the conference starts Saturday and ends on Wednesday. VFS Digital Design’s Robin Mitchell-Cranfield will be joining them, presenting as a part of the Education Summit. She will be presenting on the topic of what to consider while simultaneously designing for print and tablets, showcasing some of the exceptional work our students have been doing over the past few months.

Books in Print and Books on Screen — How can we best design books in an era which demands both print and on-screen versions? How can we best make use of sounds, motion and interactive tools that are available, and integrate them into the reader’s experience? We will examine ways to take advantage of print and on-screen formats using children’s books designed by VFS students in Illustrator and InDesign.  The presentation will include:

  • how to best design for children’s needs
  • making ePubs that really enhance the reading experience
  • designing for both Print and Screen, and using each format to the fullest
  • and integrating on-screen and printed versions
There’s no doubt she is going to rock the summit with this presentation. We’re so proud of you Robin.
Have a great time in LA!


Robin Mitchell-Cranfield (Robin Mitchell) is a print designer and illustrator. She is a graduate of the Communication Design program at Emily Carr University. Her studio hundreds & thousands has been recognized multiple times for excellence in book design by the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) and the Alcuin Society, and also featured in How magazine’s International Design Awards Annual and in Applied Arts magazine. Her current projects include the ongoing Windy series of children’s books (which she produces with Judith Steedman) and an animated adaptation of these books.

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