Meet the 2012 Miles Nurse Scholarship Winner

Choosing the winner of my namesake scholarship is usually one of the toughest decisions we make each year. Annually, we receive a number of really strong applicants who share personal stories on how the VFS Digital Design program could reshape their lives. There are a number of components to the scholarship application where students answer questions to demonstrate their passion for interactive design, problem solving, and storytelling. This year, the decision was made easy when we came across an application by Ryan Ali from Cranbrook, BC.

Ryan’s application included powerful stories, where he shared unique creative insights and clearly demonstrated his passion for interactive design.

“My dream job would be to lead the creative design of interactive, educational software for children,’ Ryan wrote in his application. ‘I anticipate that this position would involve collaborating with children’s authors, artists, editors, and administrators to produce stimulating media that will enhance children’s learning through the use of mobile platforms such as the iPad.’

Ryan also wrote; ‘I believe the invention of the Internet had the greatest impact on society in the past 30 years. While the 15th century Johannes Gutenberg’s printing press revolutionized the way information is shared, the Internet has built on this to dramatically enhance our ability to disseminate information at a high rate and over great distances.’

As the winner of the scholarship, Ryan was awarded $2,500 towards his tuition in the Digital Design program. Congratulations Ryan! Welcome to the VFS family and I am looking forward to helping you achieve your dreams when you land in January.

Find out more about the previous recipients of the Miles Nurse Scholarship, Arcelia Ocana Manjarrez and Jane Haezer Saputra.


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