Nonprofits and Social Media

In term 3, our students work with nonprofit organizations to create awareness building campaigns. The effective use of social media is always an integral part of their strategies. So, when I recently came across an article by  Craig Newmark, the Founder of Craigslist and, in the Huffington Post about How the Top 50 Nonprofits Do Social Media, I took notice.

Mr. Newmark said he often gets asked if nonprofits use social media effectively and thus he and the team decided to research the issue and create an infographic of the results.

The following are some of the interesting stats he provides:

  • 92 percent of the top 50 nonprofits have at least 1 social media presence on their homepage.
  • PBS has the most followers (840,653) amongst the nonprofit organizations on Twitter.
  • The American Cancer Society is the organization following the most people (200,522).
  • The American Red Cross was the first organization on the list to create a Twitter account.
  • Food for the Poor is the most talkative organization on Facebook, and has posted 220 posts over the course of 2 months.

Below is the infographic. Happy reading!

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