Wonders Start Here

Vancouver: Wonders Start Here
This video popped up in conversation the other day and I realized that it never found its way onto OOMPH. In early 2010 VFS was approached to work with Microsoft to help them create a video pitch that shows how Vancouver, rich with creative talent and innovative ideas, has been the location for the gensis of a long list of important and influential tech companies. Wanting to tap into this very energy that the video would promote, Ian Bell and Denis Pilarinos immediately thought to contact VFS.

For this special project a team of graduated digital design graduates were assembled and given access to equipment and a special computer lab for what was at the time a top-secret project known strictly as ‘Project Vancouver’. The students were Jeanette Seah, Matt Simon, Christopher Harrell, Shawn Hight, Kasey Lum, and Nate Slaco. Jenny Bourne, a recent grad from the Entertainment Business Management program was added to the team to help with production. You can read about her contribution on the VFS.com blog here.

Together the produced a video testiment to what many of us have known for a long time. That ‘Wonders Start Here’ in Vancouver.

A huge thank you to the sponsors which included Microsoft. the BCTIA, and VEDC. Ian Bell, who spearheaded the project was quoted in a blog post stating “this was truly a community project which received direct or indirect contributions from more than 60 people during the three months in which it was produced.”

Check out this project and others like it in the showcase section of OOMPH.

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