Thank You, THANK YOU®

THANK YOU®, a motion graphics studio based in Copenhagen, were so taken by the VFS grads who have worked there, that they took time out from a business trip to the Pacific Northwest to visit VFS Digital Design students and share their work for MTV and Swatch.

The talk was delivered by partner Örn Ólason, who described the creation of the company as a meeting of ‘men of few words, who love visuals and love animation’. The work he showed certainly supported this: a series of campaigns for Swatch that started with 3D renderings of the products and extended those images into motion graphics, videos, and even store design.

The company works from the perspective of seeing just how simply they can approach a problem. ‘We love it when it starts to hurt,’ Örn said. ‘Can we do it that simply? But we come from Scandinavia; we’re allowed.’

Thanks, Örn and everyone from THANK YOU®!


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