Creative Beginnings – Meet Alex

For many, the new year brings excitement and endless possibilities. For us, it also brings a new class of students. January 3rd saw a new group of bright-eyed and eager students start the Digital Design program. Throughout their scholastic year, we’ll be surfacing stories of these students’ successes, and you’ll hear from many of them as they post their insights to our blog. Follow along and you’ll see them develop and grow as they transform into tomorrow’s creatives.

We’ll start off by profiling a handful of these new students, from differing backgrounds, to get their first impressions of this new experience. Every Tuesday for five weeks, we will showcase one of them in Q&A format with a photo taken by our very own Danny Chan 

Last week- Laura invites us to dance with her.
Today – Alex is excited to be in the ‘dream machine’.
Next week  - Samantha wants to be like water.
February 14 - Andy is surprised by Canada’s love for hockey.
February 21 - Mary loves the cultural diversity of the program. 


Name: Alex Davila Martinez
Age: 25 years old
From: Mexico City, Mexico
Background:  I studied film making in my country and fell in love with post-production, but I realized I would also need design skills, cause I had none. I came here and I love it! Snowboarding is my passion. I don’t know why cause we don’t have any snow in Mexico. I would like to eventually work for Red Bull Media, those guys take everything to the extreme — have you guys seen ‘The Art of Flight’? I have always liked freedom, so I want to open my own studio right after that.

Why VFS?
VFS is a Dream Machine based on people’s ideas, and I have plenty of them. VFS is huge wherever you go.

Three words that describe you?
Impulsive. Passionate. Dreamer.

Three words to describe your first thoughts on your VFS Digital Design experience?
Cool-Dream Machine (actually very cool).

Who’s the coolest person you’ve met at VFS far? (Don’t say me.)
The coolest person I have met so far is Darren in Resources. He’s always smiling and that counts for a lot in this rainy city. All my classmates and my instructors are very cool as well.

What was the biggest surprise?
The school’s reputation. It’s huge around the world. It’s kinda intimidating. That reputation was made by VFS students so it’s going to be partly our responsibility, as future graduates to see it grow.

Your hero (design or otherwise)?
My hero is motor-sports competitor and stunt performer, Travis Pastrana. He pushes the limits and boundaries of everything he does and takes huge risks. You can’t back down in this life, it’s too short.

If you’re going to set one goal for yourself this year, what will it be?
Develop the skills to turn my ideas into reality. And to have people get excited about what I make!

The year is intense. What’s one thing you’re going to do to keep it fun?
Snowboarding, music  and bicycle rides on the beach, Oh! I’ll suffer so much.

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