Steven Luscher Joins Our Team

We would like to welcome a new instructor to the team — Steven Luscher. Steven hails from agencies, such as Blast Radius and Future Brand, and brings a humanistic approach to all of his interface development work. He will be instructing a variety of Interface Development courses. Welcome aboard Steven!

Steven graduated from the joint York/Sheridan Bachelor of Design Honours program, with a specialization in interactive design and development. He comes to Vancouver Film School after 8 years of working for a range of clients, including Nintendo of America, Microsoft, Palm, Tiny Speck, Kiwi Collection, Electronic Arts, and Fido, independently, and in partnership with studios like Blast Radius and FutureBrand.

Though his specialty — the development of rich internet applications using HTML, CSS, and Javascript — smacks more of computer science than communication design, Steven has never lost touch with his design roots, or the design community. He served as Web Communications Chairperson on the council of the GDC/BC, and as organizer of the Vancouver Graphic Design Meetup for 5 years. He advocates for a holistic, pragmatic, user-centric approach to web development.

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