Creative Beginnings – Meet Samantha

For many, the new year brings excitement and endless possibilities. For us, it also brings a new class of students. January 3rd saw a new group of bright-eyed and eager students start the Digital Design program. Throughout their scholastic year, we’ll be surfacing stories of these students’ successes, and you’ll hear from many of them as they post their insights to our blog. Follow along and you’ll see them develop and grow as they transform into tomorrow’s creatives.

We’ll start off by profiling a handful of these new students, from differing backgrounds, to get their first impressions of this new experience. Every Tuesday for five weeks, we will showcase one of them in Q&A format and a photo taken by our very own Danny Chan 

January 24 - Laura invites us to dance with her.
Last week – Alex is excited to be in the ‘dream machine’.
Today – Samantha wants to be like water.
Next week - Andy is surprised by Canada’s love for hockey.
February 21 - Mary loves the cultural diversity of the program. 


Name: Samantha Chow
Age: Asian genes – you’ll never figure out our real age (wink)
From: Born and raised in Vancouver
Background:  After highschool I went to VCC to study Hotel Management for 2 years, worked for a bit, and then studied Event Marketing part time at BCIT. A random list of some of my hobbies includes snowboarding, photography, videography, cooking, and looking for a new outdoor sport that will challenge me both physically and mentally. I am passionate about creating something that lasts; not for entertainment, but for a more practical purpose. And that “something” I mentioned is what I am here to find at VFS. My goal is to be inspired and to inspire others. Hopefully, this program is a passport with which I can travel and explore the world through the work that I am passionate about. I can see myself as eventually being a creative director but that’s not set in stone. I think everything I learn over the next year will reveal a lot to me and that’s exciting. I want to be open-minded about the possibilities.

Why VFS?
 Well in short, it was the feeling of nothing to lose. We only get to live once, might as well Nike it (Just do it).

Three words that describe you?
Optimistic. Sarcastic. Awkward.

Three words to describe your first thoughts on your VFS Digital Design experience?
Anxious. Excited. Fulfilled.

Who’s the coolest person you’ve met at VFS far? (Don’t say me.)
All the instructors and students here are amazing with their diverse backgrounds and experiences. Teachers here are informative and always willing to help, and students are enthusiastic and brave for leaving their family and friends behind to study at VFS, so in my book, everyone is cool at VFS.

What was the biggest surprise?
When you’re doing something you truly love, time seems to fly by.

Your hero (design or otherwise)?
None as of yet. But if I have to pick someone just randomly at the top of my head, it’ll be Charlize Theron, only because she is so exceptionally beautiful.

If you’re going to set one goal for yourself this year, what will it be?
To be like water; be flexible and malleable, yet solid and firm when it is needed. Yeah, you’ve just been zen-ed.

The year is intense. What’s one thing you’re going to do to keep it fun?
Make the people around me my second family.

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