A Visit with Motion Design Pioneers, Sequence

Our visit with Sequence began with a warm welcome from Producer, Dan Sioui and Digital Design alumnus, instructor and Sequence motion designer, Eric Wada. They showed us the different areas of the studio where concept artists, designers, video editors and animators work. Originally focusing on design and animation, Sequence has grown to embrace both live action and interactive platforms, including multiple offline and online post production suites. Over the past six years, they have built a creative space where the scope of a project is limited only by their imaginations. When asked what they look for in a prospective hire, they advised students to create a short demo reel (no more than two minutes) that showcases different styles to demonstrate a diverse skill set that is valuable. And they value applicants who check their ego at the door.

Andrew, their lead concept artist, showed us how artwork is separated in layers for the animators as Sequence made its name with motion comics (Jonah Hex, Batman) and is credited for creating the first known motion comic (Broken Saints). And it was really nice that Dan allowed our students time to speak with the designers and animators after the tour. Many of our students flocked to Christian Whiticar (a DD13 grad) to inquire about C4D.

It was great to see such a diverse and engaging portfolio — everything from work produced for reality TV show openers to projection mapping for the Vancouver Canucks. Sequence created motion comics for the Inception Blu-ray, Batman: Black & White season 1&2, I am Legend, Jonah Hex: Two Gun Mojo, you name it! They use Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve for color correction. Their software suite includes Avid, After Effects, Cinema 4D and Nuke.

A growing component of Sequence’s services involve live action production as they use RED cameras and DSLR equipment (Canon 5D Mark II and 7D). Over the last few years, a bunch of Digital Design grads have worked at Sequence — Christian Whiticar (DD13) and Eric Wada (DD06) who we mentioned, as well as Erica Edwards (DD10), Missy Reyes (DD10) and Ivan Cruz (DD09).

Digital Design student, Colin Roberts, summed up the visit nicely, “Sequence was a major eye opener. I didn’t know that a motion design company was able to be so eclectic in what they produce. As soon as I left, I had it in my mind for days afterwards. I kept trying to wrap my head around how I would be able to get in. Sequence (as a working place) would be a gift from the gods. What drew me toward them was: 1) their awesome portfolio, and 2) their professional, yet playful atmosphere.”

Thanks again, Sequence!

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