My New Job with Ayogo : “Not Just Another Success Story”

Levi at Appetizers

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about what to write here. What could I say to help others and not just tell another success story? I wish to tell a story that has a meaning, that’s something people can learn from. So, hopefully you can find something useful in these lines. Not too much, but maybe just enough so you’ll keep digging.

Levi at Appetizers 2

I got hired by Ayogo right after they met me at Appetizers, the VFS Digital Design graduate showcase for the professional industry. They liked me a lot —at least this is what I felt— and after a couple of meetings, it was mutual. Actually, I was considering a couple of options. But I felt good about Ayogo. So, as I always do in situations like this, I went with my heart.

I have been working at Ayogo now for a little bit more than a month. I love these guys. Smart, laid-back, but hard-working when needed. How can I not love it, when they got me a brand new top-of-the-line pc-giga-powerhouse-station too? I bet you, it is better then what the military has! :D

I love to go to work every day. For one thing, because they’re taking on side-projects that make a difference in someone’s life. Like, right now, I’m redesigning a website for a company that helps people with diabetes. So, they’re not just a game studio: they have a website and mobile projects next to their in-house games.

I get quite a lot of ‘compliments’ here. Like, for example, in how organized I am in my folder structure, photoshop files (no ‘layer 18425′ or ‘layer 3223 copy 22311′), and everything else for that matter. I even colour layers depending on functionality (which, you know, might not be the best way, but it is how I work and organize stuff):

  • Purple: not needed now, but I don’t delete it yet, cuz later it can come in handy.
  • Yellow: interactive content (button with several states, links, etc.).
  • Orange: if there is section dividers or something like that. Makes it really quick to find the layer you want, even with 30+ folders in a folder-structure.

etc. You get the idea. :-)

When I handed the website comps over to the developer, he just knew what and where, without even talking to me. It worked. We didn’t even have to really talk ( :D hahaha —Im just joking, but you know what I mean). I made his life easier. When I had a meeting with the developer and the producer, the developer told me he never worked with such a good designer before. I was quite shocked. It made big enough of a difference that he mentioned it from out of nowhere. That was quite cool.

Another compliment I get is how fast —instantly— I got used to keep tracking of my time. To tell you the truth, at VFS, I hated tracking my time. I thought it was useless and just took away precious time from the actual work. But I did it anyway, despite thinking it was useless. Of course, we can argue about how well I did it or not (hahaha :D ) back then. But it definitely registered on me, because now, here at Ayogo, they like how I keep track of my time every day, which makes their life easier. They’re able to give better time estimates on the road because they have tons of data about how fast —or slow ( :P )— I work on what kind of project.

I get compliments on how fast I work too. Which comes from knowing how important it is to practice, practice and practice some more. And to learn those shortcuts in Photoshop, After Effects, Cinema4D and other programs! :-) Of course, it helps if you have a blazing fast pc too ( :D Hell yeah!).

Overall, I work way less than I had to at VFS. VFS kicks the shit out of you during your year. But I mean that in a good way. It’s nothing like that for me ‘in real life.’ Although, I guess it depends on where you end up working.

Ayogo is nice: lots of windows, clean. That all matters to me. Michael Fergusson (CEO of Ayogo) asked me at the interview what my dream workplace looks like. I told him I would love to work in a place that looks like a tree, with windows. The inside is spacious, with a lot of sunshine coming in from outside. No elevators or stairs —only fire-poles, slides and other fun stuff to make your way around in the building. I imagined it as a playground. Toys and games at every step. I think nothing is better for a creative team then an inspiring environment. And what can inspire better then colours, shapes, fun and more fun? He laughed at my answer and said he liked it a lot :-) .

So my last advice is be fun, smiley, and sometimes just go to crazyland and give crazy answers for questions. Don’t worry about the outcome, it will come. :-)

As far as with Ayogo: ‘So, I like it a lot. I told the kid.’

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