The Canadian Design Resource

Canada Design Resource: VIFF Branding

The Canadian Design Resource is a digital platform showcasing interesting examples of Canadian designs, ranging from Advertising to Branding to Furniture and Film and Video, and even something called Gong Show (a good example is below). It claims to be “the most comprehensive gallery of Canadian design in the world.”

Wild Rose Tour Bus (Gong Show)

It’s certainly an interesting resource for tracking the historical development of design in Canada. And it showcases a great diversity of illustrations, videos, graphics, and digital design examples.

Canadian Desgin Resource Advertising

It also includes some great contemporary examples. The website is structured something like a blog, with entries offering space to comment on the examples.

Canada Design Resource Digital Design

Each example gives potential details about  the designer, the client and the year it was produced (some are yet to be filled in). A few entries also include details about the brief or the designer’s approach, and a link to the Designer’s website.

Canada Design Resource Juice Truck

According to founding designers Todd Falkowsky and Michael Erdmann, the aim of the project is three-fold:

1. Build communities of fans and spark dialogue around work.
2. Inspire new work and collaboration. Designers can see what creative neighbours are doing, have done and respond.
3. Document history. To be an extensive and accessible resource that archives details that had previously been lost.

It’s a great project! Check it out here!

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