Yes It Can! : Canstruction Design Competition Supports Sustainability & Fights Hunger

Canstruction: Year of the Dragon

The annual design and build competition CANstruction (which takes place in over 180 cities world wide) is currently exhibiting works by Vancouver teams of designers, architects and engineers in select buildings on Georgia St in downtown Vancouver until April 4. The design brief was to build large structures primarily out of canned goods – which are then donated to the Vancouver Food Bank.

Digital Design Faculty Industry Mentor, Mark Busse, participated again in the Vancouver CANstruction competition with his team the Raccoonteurs (made up of his company Industrial Brand Creative with Pacific Blue Cross and Omicron) and won Local Graphic Designer for their sculpture, which pays homage to what they consider to be Vancouver’s unofficial mascot — the raccoon.

We’re also proud to note that one of the photos taken by our own Danny Chan was used for promoting the event in the Vancouver Sun.

Canstruction: Vancouver Central Library

The range of subjects is both fun and inspiring: from reproductions of the Vancouver Central Public Library, to cartoon characters from Universal Picture’s 3D Animation, Despicable Me, to a wonderful tableau of A Boy and his Beluga.

Canstruction: Can Minion

Canstruction: a boy and his beluga

Speaking with Mark Busse about CANstruction, he says, “I think the most important thing about the event is that it forces disparate creative communities to collide in a fun competition that ultimately helps those in need in our very own backyard.”

“As a designer, the most exciting thing about the event are the parameters. Working with such a low resolution medium such as cans of food, plus the rules of the competition and budget restraints, forces us to focus on the idea. The potential. The simplicity. I love that.”

Canstruction: Raccoonteurs

As for their justification for celebrating the raccoon, the Raccoonteurs state, “From the cheeky begging bandits of Stanley Park to the alley-roving nocturnal gangs scouring through our refuse bins, the rascally raccoon is as much Vancouver as our mountains, water and shimmering glass towers. However, these cute critters aren’t the only thing lurking just beneath our City’s gleaming surface—hunger is another. For many, the source of a meal is not certain, nor is a meal guaranteed. Let’s work together to ensure fresh food and sustenance for the human population of Vancouver. CANstruction is just one part of that. Besides, if more of us eat well, our raccoons will too!”

Canstruction: Pendulum Gallery Sculptures

According to Scott Gray Director of Brand l Co-Chair Canstruction Vancouver, there’s still a chance to have a look at the can structures (the exhibit closes April 4), and you could also vote online for your favourite and possibly win a prize! The locations for the sculptures are: The Rotunda at Pacific Centre Mall (Georgia at Howe) ‘¢ HSBC Pendulum Gallery (Georgia at Hornby) ‘¢ The 1075 W. Georgia Building (Georgia at Thurlow) ‘¢ FortisBC Building (Georgia at Thurlow).

Here’s looking forward to VFS Digital Design’s participation in this great competition next year!

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