Creative Beginnings : Meet Novita (Vivi)

creative beginnings featuring vivi

April brought in a new, exciting and diverse group of students to join us here at VFS Digital Design! Throughout their program year, OOMPH will be featuring stories about their creative process, their inspirations and their development into Professional Digital Designers.

Creative Beginnings features five students, a different one each week, from a variety of backgrounds, who offer up their initial impressions, their goals, hopes and dreams — and also tell us how they have fun! Follow along as these students develop and grow into the next Industry Creatives. Every Tuesday for five weeks, we will showcase one of them in Q&A format with a photo taken by our very own Danny Chan.

May 22 : Mehdi ponders the mysteries
May 29 : Novita (Vivi) Prasetia knits prospects for her own school
June 5 : Skylar Lange won’t stop analyzing until he gets to the beach
June 12 : Cristina Bucardo shares her passion for art, music and fashion
June 19 : Francois Gauthier mixes up new recipes for Motion Design

Novita (Vivi) Prasetia

Name: I’m Novita Prasetia, but you can call me Vivi for short.
Age: I’m 22 years old.
From: Indonesia
Background: I’ve got my degree in Film and Television in 2010, and right after my graduation I got a job as Creative Designer in a local advertising agency in Jakarta. It was such a challenging experience to work in a field that didn’t relate to my degree. But after a while, I realized that design makes me happy. I really enjoyed what I did, and that‘s the most important thing.

I really love knitting and during the last 4 months before I left for Vancouver, I decided to open my own Craft shop in my garage, which sells handicraft & knitting material, and also gives free workshops.
But, my biggest dream, and I wish I could achieve it in 5 years time, is to build a design/multimedia school in my hometown, where students would not just learn theoretical or technical skills, but get more into practical skills and learn how to deal with a real project. I want to share all the knowledge and experience that I get here with all of my friends back home, because I believe there are thousands of very talented and creative people in my hometown.

Why VFS?
It was my friend who actually introduced me to VFS. He convinced me that VFS is the best place for me to go to improve my skills and for building a great network in a short period of time.

Three words that describe you.
hmm let me think… Hardworking, organized, and reliable (sounds like a nerd eh…?  but I AM FUN!)

Who’s your hero? (Design or otherwise)
My heroes are my parents. They are EVERYTHING, I can not find the words to properly describe it.

Three words to describe your VFS Digital Design experience so far.

What’s the one most important goal for you to accomplish this year?
To pursue my next goal or even my biggest dream with an amazing portfolio and experience in my hand.

What has been the biggest surprise?
Hmmm… I’m the only Indonesian in this intake. Aaaaarrgh! But I’m happy — it’s a great opportunity to improve my english, right?

Who’s the coolest person you’ve met at VFS far?
I love Keiron. He blew my mind.

The program year is intense. What’s one thing you’re going to do to keep it fun?
Yup, it really is an intense year for me, but since I have lots of great friends in my class, they make my days better and stronger to fight together and be success at the end of the day.

But, on the other hand, since I love knitting, that’s the best thing to make me feel relaxed for a while.

Creative Beginnings

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